General Questions

Our groups generally range between 8-12 individuals, depending on the expedition. You will be accompanied by our expedition leaders and expedition management team on each expedition.

Yes, if you are OK with it. For a comfortable drive we recommend that there should not be more than 4 people (including driver) in a vehicle.

Yes, you get to be in control of the steering, all along. We wouldn’t want it any other way! However, if you wish to explore the country on wheels but don’t want to drive all the way, we can arrange for a chauffeur as well.

Our trips are on established roads although the quality of those roads can vary widely. Our trips are suitable for anyone with reasonable driving/motorcycling experience. You don’t need any special off-road skills but regular driving experience would be beneficial. We will be offering a special training session before the start of every expedition to get you familiar with the machines you will be driving. There will always be someone on the trip who can help you and guide through a difficult section.

Our expeditions cover a wide range of terrains, hence multiple climates. For each expedition you will be given an advisory on the weather and the kind of gear to bring. It’s best to read and abide by the same. Be sure to bring any cameras, iPods, iPads etc that you wish but please ensure they are appropriately protected from the elements.

Most countries have varying requirements for the same. You will be notified much in advance about the same. Wherever mandatory you will need to arrange for an International Driving Permit/License.

It is entirely up to you. If you feel that they can enjoy the drives, they are most welcome. The charges may vary depending upon the age of child and hotel policy. Children above 12 years are treated as adults. It’s best to notify us at the time of booking. We do not encourage infants to travel.

Our accommodation ranges from ‘interesting’ to quite comfortable indeed. We always try to stay in the nicest place available and we look for things like hot showers and free wi-fi – we are not always successful though keeping in mind that some of the locations are remote. If you need a reference, our average accommodation is probably a solid three – four star motel/hotel.

Yes. Our rates are based on twin share accommodation. Unless you are bringing a spouse or riding buddy, you will be paired with a fellow adventurer. Single rooms are available on request for extra charge.

Surprisingly good actually, keeping in mind the remote corners that we travel to. Breakfast is usually a hotel buffet. Lunch tends to be the least predictable meal as we never quite know where we will be at lunch time. Sometimes we will have a packed lunch; other times we will be in a small town somewhere that can meet our needs. Dinner is our main meal and besides local dishes, there are other options..

One of the main highlights of our expeditions is going beyond driving. We try to include the opportunity to engage with the local people and culture where possible as well as ensure we visit interesting and historical sites. Once we reach at the day’s destination it is entirely up to you to participate in the arranged activities, for example, take a boat tour on the lake, or you can just put your feet up and rest. Besides those sort of things, it is great just being with other like-minded enthusiasts.

They vary. We try to keep them not more than 6 hours on any given day (avg. 3-4 hrs per day). We also make sure we have either rest days or late starts/early finishes mixed in. Itinerary is designed in a way that you can explore the location as well as enjoy the driving experience.

Yes. You are actually never alone, cars are usually are in a convoy making it absolutely safe. We give you your privacy to explore places on your own, but we are never far behind.

Yes. We run a 4×4, support vehicle to carry, spares and tools, extra fuel etc.

Usually the support vehicle and the mechanics travelling with us are able to take care. Under an extreme circumstance where that is not possible, you will be provided with a backup car.

The vehicles are insured, including third party liability. These are of course subject to the laws of the land and we have to abide by that. Incase there are some damages that are not covered or you fail to inform in time, you may be liable to pay. But we have all the safety element factored in, so there is little probability that this situation may arise.

We would love to create your dream route for you. Just send in your request and we will make it happen.

We are pride ourselves in arranging the best vehicles at the given destination. Take this opportunity to give your vehicle a rest. In our experience the paperwork involved and the transport cost is usually prohibitive, making it an unviable option. But if you are still keen to drive only your car, we can make it happen as well.

Yes, if circumstances are such that you are unable to make it, you can cancel your booking. Cancellations are subject to our cancellation policy. Please read the same. LINK HERE

The tour includes most of your expedition experiences. During the ‘free time’ in most locations where you are free to do as you please – eat, shop at your own pace, local souvenirs, and other personal expenses not mentioned in our itinerary, will be on you.