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In 2023, Nomadic Road introduced four fresh expeditions to its lineup, garnering recognition from two prestigious publications.

There’s something special about living experiences that hold a superlative angle.

Overlanding through the world's most ancient desert, navigating the depths of the planet's deepest canyons, and engaging in intimate encounters with one of the last surviving nomadic societies — these journeys bestow upon participants an enviable sense of achievement… ‘bragging rights,’ as we call it at Nomadic Road.

In 2023, Nomadic Road proudly unveiled four new overlanding adventures, spanning the continents of South America and Africa. Each of these destinations boasts its own distinct charm. Our exploits, along with these remarkable journeys, were spotlighted in a feature story by the esteemed Global Traveler Magazine earlier this year.

“Nomadic Road released new departures for the remainder of 2023. Each expedition is curated with extensive experiences guaranteed to go well beyond the ordinary with expeditions into uncharted territory. Guests are invited to drive capable expedition vehicles to far ends of the earth and take on adventurous journeys offering a true sense of achievement.”


The appeal of such adventures is nothing short of addictive. The body becomes accustomed to the rush of adrenaline. Also intoxicating is the magic of human connections forged along the way — the bonds formed with fellow travellers that create an irresistible pull, drawing you back for more.

Consider, for instance, the story of travel journalist Paul Brady. In 2018, he embarked on Nomadic Road's 4x4 expedition to Borneo, an island nestled between Brunei, Indonesia, and Malaysia. Unsurprisingly, Paul's travel resolution for 2023 is to join our Namibia expedition in December, a testament to the enduring charisma of our journeys. His resolution was given the spotlight in a story by Travel + Leisure.

“I've been dreaming about road tripping the deserts of Namibia for years, ever since I read about the hardcore 4x4 adventures you can have along the Skeleton Coast — and way before #vanlife was a thing.”


It isn’t rocket science to comprehend why Namibia tops Paul’s list of places to visit it boasts some of Africa's most breathtaking landscapes. Along its western border, the water and land engage in a timeless dance, where crashing waves and serene shores coexist in harmony.

For those with a passion for wildlife, the Namibia expedition is a goldmine. Our journey leads us through the renowned Etosha National Park, known for its vast salt pan, so immense it's visible from space. Despite this arid landscape, wildlife thrives here, drawn to the waterholes, providing almost certain game sightings.

Yet, the Namibia expedition encompasses so much more than just wildlife encounters and vivid landscapes! We delve into the heart of Namibian culture by visiting the Himba tribes in their villages. We also swap our 4x4 machines for catamaran excursions for a few hours, as we chase dolphins and pink flamingoes. And not to be missed is the enchanting wonder of the Sossusvlei dunes, a place where magic seems to linger in the air.

Similar to the allure of Namibia, South America boasts numerous expeditions that rightfully claim the spotlight in travellers' 2023 resolutions. This continent is an undisputed gem, with its remote areas remaining largely untouched by traditional tourism.

Nomadic Road's expedition to Bolivia, for instance, guides adventurous wanderers along the revered route of the iconic "Dakar Rally," and across the expansive Salar De Uyuni, the planet's largest salt flat.

Exciting as they sound though, overlanding adventures in South America and elsewhere, test your limits. Grocery stores become local markets, offering the flavours of the land. Phone networks fade, inviting you to disconnect from the digital clamour and embrace the serenity of nature. This lack of daily comforts is an invitation to self-reliance and adaptability, revealing the hidden luxuries of simplicity.

A standout high point of the Bolivia expedition is an overnight stay at the Tayka Hotel, one of the world's highest accommodations, nestled at an altitude of approximately 4600 meters. In this barren expanse, there is virtually nothing in sight for miles, and the hotel stands as the sole outpost in the vast Siloli Desert.

You're hundreds of kilometres away from the nearest village, creating a sense of eerie isolation in a Martian-like Earthscape. It's an experience that reminds you of the sheer magnitude of our planet's untamed beauty.

Similar eerie experiences mark Nomadic Road’s expedition to Peru. Take The Nazca Lines, for instance. These colossal geoglyphs remain shrouded in mystery, inviting us to ponder the ingenuity of a civilization long past.

 And for those who sign up for our Atacama adventure, otherworldly sights await — think the salt flats of Salinas Grandes, ancient Incan trails, desert labyrinths, herds of llamas and vicuñas, turquoise lakes, and clay-brick pueblos.

As with Namibia, Peru, Bolivia, and Atacama transform the extraordinary into the everyday. Embracing the essence of these adventures often means gracefully surrendering to the embrace of Mother Nature. It’s about getting bruised, scraped, lost, and stuck. Travellers can rest assured that the Nomadic Road team is always watching from the sidelines, ready to lend a hand whenever they need it.