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Diana Khoo, a travel journalist at Options, engaged in a candid conversation with Venky, delving into his path of venturing down the road less travelled.

The decision to start a company in overland travel is far from simple; it is a path shrouded in challenges. These include concerns surrounding health and safety, navigating the ever-shifting landscape of global travel regulations, the imperative task of fostering trust, and the ongoing upkeep of a fleet of overlanding vehicles and equipment.

If we were to be honest, these challenges barely skim the surface.

Diana Khoo, a travel writer for Options, sat down with Venky to explore his journey of "taking the road less travelled.” Their discussion unveiled the intriguing chapters of Venky's life before the inception of Nomadic Road, providing insights into his initial and most cherished overlanding experiences. They also spoke about the intricate details of what it takes to plan an off-road expedition, from its humble beginnings to the very end.

Here’s a glimpse at one of Venky’s responses:

Having worked in the automobile industry for a decade, I started to appreciate the symbiotic relationship we humans share with automobiles. These machines have become an integral part of our society. For some, it’s about the convenience and mundane daily commute; for others, it’s the adrenaline rush; and for a few, it’s about the freedom of exploring the world.


Nomadic Road caters to the last category of folks—the ones for whom these vehicles double up as a ticket to world exploration. For the past seven years, we have orchestrated daring overland odysseys to the planet's farthest reaches. Each of these expeditions hinges on the artful interplay between safety and the excitement of the unfamiliar.

These 4x4 adventures are not everyone's cup of tea. But here's the scoop: they pretty much hit the bullseye when it comes to what the modern-day, adventurous traveller is all about…

Slow Travel

Slow travel invites you to savour the moments on your journeys, rather than sprinting between landmarks, cities, or countries—a pursuit steadily gaining prominence among explorers of the day. Each of Nomadic Road’s expeditions epitomizes the art of slow travel, immersing travellers in experiences that simply can't be replicated by succumbing to the allure of checkbox tourism.

During our Mongolia Gobi desert tour, for example, you drive through valleys adorned with wild onions. As you slowly roll over them, the scent of these wild onions becomes an integral part of your journey, infusing the very air with their aromatic presence.

The gentle cadence of a small town's daily life, the whispers of nature along scenic byways, the aroma of local cuisine wafting through open windows—all these sensations become your companions on unhurried voyages like these.

Off-The-Beat Travel

Beyond the glossy pages of well-trodden destinations, travellers are increasingly lured by the thrill of exploring uncharted terrain. Nomadic Road was born from this very visionary quest—to curate journeys to corners of our planet hidden in the folds of obscurity. In the words of Venky,

Every Nomadic Road expedition has a superlative angle to it. That’s how we choose a journey. It is not based on destinations or choice of accommodation. Each journey should offer an exploratory feel and a sense of being remote and away from typical tourist trails. 

Engaging in off-beat travel leaves adventurers with a unique cache of experiences that grants them bragging rights. Think about what happens when one recites stories of mingling with Mongolians who still hunt on horseback with trained Golden Eagles. Or driving across frozen lakes in the remote expanse of Eastern Siberia. Or tracing the perilous routes of the legendary Dakar Valley rally.

These anecdotes are not just travel tales; they are symbols of intrepid exploration, testaments to a life well-lived. In recounting such narratives, travellers ascend social strata as they become bearers of remarkable experiences.

Adventure Travel

When Diana asks Venky about Nomadic Road’s target audience, he says, “Our clients are seasoned travellers looking for new ways to explore the world.”

Several travellers are now looking to engage with nature on a more frequent basis. Adventure and extreme travel have become the chosen conduits for many, where adrenaline surges and the splendours of nature blend with aha moments of self-discovery.

Within each of our expeditions, we encourage travellers to embrace the art of expecting the unexpected. These are untamed, unscripted landscapes where the whims of Mother Nature reign supreme. Quicksand, sandstorms, downpours, or the rare spectacle of hailstorms amidst desert sands—all are part of the tapestry of the journey.

Yet, we understand that venturing into such foreign and unpredictable terrain can be daunting. Thus, our expert team stands ever watchful, ready to lend a helping hand when circumstances demand it.

In essence, Nomadic Road offers adventurers a serene, immersive journey through uncharted lands, where nature's beauty and challenges intertwine harmoniously.