The Daily Navigator and Travel Market Report

Unveil the experience of joining a Nomadic Road expedition, as spotlighted in Travel Market Report and The Daily Navigator.

For seven years now, Nomadic Road has curated overland expeditions in some of the farthest ends of our planet. On each of these adventures, a delicate dance between safety and the thrill of the unknown takes centre stage.

In the last couple of months, two renowned publications recognised Nomadic Road for striking this very delicate balance.

We were featured in Travel Market Report’s story about extreme tourism, where journalist Laurie Wilson touches upon the kind of vacations risk-takers crave — think storm chasing, BASE jumping, and overland expeditions.

“Overland expedition specialist, Nomadic Road’s mission is about helping discerning travelers who are seeking meaningful experiences to make the leap from mere tourists to brave explorers with safe and guided extreme adventures.”


Subsequently, we found our way into the pages of The Daily Navigator. Author Kaylen Achong wrote about Nomadic Road and the way it is “redefining off-road vacations”. The story dances through the expectations that our 4x4 adventures weave, along with what it takes to set out on one.

“... All you need to bring is your sense of adventure, a driver’s license, and a few changes of clothes to explore the great outdoors and fulfill your adrenaline-seeking desires!”


In the story, Kaylen makes special mention of our Gobi expedition in Mongolia — a unique journey on wheels across one of the most incredible deserts in the world. On this 12-day adventure, explorers take the reins of a Nissan Patrol 4x4, traversing undulating landscapes that stretch to meet the distant horizon.

This expedition is often chosen by those with a thirst for mystery and intrigue. Driving through vast expanses of nothingness can be considered monotonous, but this Gobi expedition proves otherwise. The journey is sprinkled with pockets of civilisation brewing fuzzy humane interactions, primordial fossils with tales etched in stone, Zavkhan river — a haven of liquid respite, and the elusive snow leopard… if chance favours you.

Yet, Mongolia is not alone in this realm of untamed wonders. Each of our road trip expeditions is a testament to this.

The Bolivia expedition, for instance, takes daring nomads through the hallowed path of the legendary "Dakar Rally," as well as the world's largest salt flat, Salar De Uyuni. The 10-day adventure will treat you and your machine to the Amazon rainforest, crystalline rivers, snow-capped volcanoes, thermal springs, and some of the most arid deserts of South America.

Exciting as they sound, overland expeditions in Bolivia and elsewhere, will test your limits. From changing a tire on a rugged trail to tinkering with the engine beneath a starlit sky, every instance becomes a test of your resolve. Convenience stores fade into memory, GPS is often out of the question, and your campsite isn't just a resting spot; it's a canvas of preparation.

On Nomadic Road’s Altai expedition, explorers traverse through the wintery landscapes of Western Mongolia. The mountains show no mercy, with temperatures dipping to as low as -20°C. The challenges of road trip expeditions in sub-zero temperatures are twofold, and we need not explain why.

But for those that do sign up for the Altai expedition, other-worldly experiences await — rendezvouses with rare species of horses, drives across frozen lakes graced by elegant waterfowl, and Mongolians who still hunt on horseback with trained Golden Eagles. In snow's embrace, sand dunes twirl, presenting a unique symphony of warmth and frost. It’s a whole different world out there.

While you get your hands dirty and surrender to Mother Nature, be rest assured you’ll never be alone. You’ll be in the safe hands of a Nomadic Road expedition leader who will show you the way when you’re lost. For machine-related support, our technical crew will travel with you at all times. To capture you in your high (and low) moments, we’ve made the provision for expedition filmmakers. And our field chefs will make you wholesome meals, even when you’re camping out at sky-scraping altitudes, like in the Bolivia expedition.

It is this invisible cushioning that gets nomads comfortable with signing up for even the riskiest of our road trip expeditions.

The Madagascar expedition is one such odyssey. It takes you through one of the most dangerous roads in the world, where it’s you and your 4x4 — in river crossings, deep sand, slippery red clay, steep gradients, and potholes you never thought could exist.

But the most difficult places to visit are often the most exhilarating, and our Madagascar expedition serves as yet another example of this truth. This island country beckons with its gracious people, timeless evergreen woods, serene white-sand shores, and the poignant plight of endangered creatures. Roughly 80% of the plant and animal life within this utopian realm exists nowhere else on Earth, further enhancing its charm.

So that you can soak in every bit of these experiences stress-free, we’ll be watching from the sidelines, ready to step in every time you need a hand. We strongly believe that a dash of planning and support takes unscripted journeys like these to the next level.