The Times and The National

In 2019, Rosemary Behan's 8-day Gobi expedition with Nomadic Road paved the way for two captivating stories in renowned publications.

Many travellers who join Nomadic Road's off-road expeditions arrive with little or no prior overlanding or extreme driving experience. Rosemary was no exception.

As she embarked on the Gobi tour Mongolia, uncertainty loomed over whether this daring journey would suit her. However, just a few days into the journey, she began to forge a beautiful connection between herself and the machine she navigated through the untamed landscapes of Mongolia. She wrote about it at length in her story for The Times.

We’re at the wheel for up to ten hours a day, but it feels liberating, allowing us to feel the thrill of discovery first rather than second-hand, as you would as a passenger. The vehicles come into themselves off-road, and seem to deal with bumps and ruts better at high speed. Often there are no tracks; we simply follow the cloud of dust in front of us.


In another story for The National, Rosemary delved into her deep connection with Mongolia's breathtaking landscapes and the exhilarating roads she fearlessly traversed during the Gobi tour Mongolia.

Following the tyre ruts in the road, I soon get into a rhythm and, while maintaining a distance from the car in front, let the vehicle follow its momentum rather than braking at every turn. It's fun and the scenery is spectacular, and far from missing company, I revel in having a whole car to myself.


At Nomadic Road, we've always believed in charting our unique course, even as we took our initial steps into Mongolia. While the Gobi Desert has lured countless adventurous souls in the past, we aimed to elevate the adventure further. Thus, our expedition, which fearlessly delves into the depths of this untamed wilderness, was aptly named "Deeper into the Gobi Desert."

The magnificent Gobi isn't your typical inhabited land; it's the largest terrestrial protected area globally, where only wildlife roams free. In fact, in one of her articles, Rosemary rightly mentions that the expedition often “resembles a safari”.

The Mongolia Gobi desert tour treats nomads to ever-shifting landscapes, making it the perfect recipe for those who crave surprises on their adventures.

Thanks to the region’s mineral-rich soil, you'll encounter crimson cliffs one day and verdant ones the next. Lush green valleys abound, teeming with wild onions whose aroma fills the air as you drive through. Locals utilize these chives for chutneys and marinades. Sand dunes appear in some places, while others transform into picturesque valleys reminiscent of Switzerland, replete with coniferous forests, flowing rivers, waterfalls, and a vibrant community of cattle herders.

It’s not without reason that Mongolia holds a special place in the hearts of overlanding and road expedition enthusiasts. These journeys lead you through challenging dirt roads, dried riverbeds, and prickly shrub-lined trails that test your tires and nerves. Vehicular damage is an ever-present risk, which only adds to the adrenaline rush.

In the face of adversity of this kind, our true selves emerge, often leaving us with the sweet realisation that we’re capable of much more than we think. And it's not just about conquering nature's obstacles; it's also about the kindness and camaraderie that blossoms among fellow adventurers on this demanding path.

In the tapestry of Nomadic Road's expeditions, a diverse group of intrepid souls converges from every corner of the globe. While their career paths, nationalities, and cultural origins may weave a patchwork of differences, they all share one powerful common thread—a boundless passion for venturing into uncharted territories.

During the Gobi tour Mongolia, Rosemary found herself in the company of a chief executive from the world of mutual funds, an HR professional, two skilled surgeons, an enterprising owner of an engineering company, and a knowledgeable consultant from Deloitte.

As a collective, these individuals ventured into the world of yurts, immersed themselves in the captivating history of a once-mighty empire, delved into the culture of one of the last nomadic societies, and indulged in delectable Moroccan dishes, all during the Mongolia Gobi desert tour. By the end of the journey, they had transformed from mere strangers into a tightly-knit group.

In the heart of adventure, human connections take form quite naturally, turning a vast, enigmatic world into a more familiar, interconnected place.