4X4 Roadtrip through Mongolia's Gobi Desert

Join the narrator as they recount their journey overlanding through Mongolia’s Gobi Desert. Despite initial apprehensions about driving, they found themselves immersed in the adventure, surrounded by fellow travellers and guided by capable expedition leaders. The trip left a lasting impression, igniting a passion for further exploration and earning them the nickname "The Nomad."

As the car jolted across each bump in the road, the steering wheel seemed close to breaking free. It mirrored my sense of freedom since arriving in Mongolia eight days ago. During this time, I drove hundreds of kilometres across the Gobi Desert, living the life of a modern nomad on an overseas adventure tour. I explored the unique Mongolia landscape with a well-curated group, led by an exceptionally capable expedition leader.

Ten of us embarked on an expedition across the Gobi Desert, immersing ourselves in the local way of life. So far, we had slept in traditional yurts, witnessed stunning sunsets over the Flaming Cliffs, and stood in awe of the magnificent Orkhon Waterfall. This road trip not only improved my driving skills but also provided a welcome escape from computer screens.

As someone curious about the world, I've always yearned to explore places that remain untouched.

This time around, I was craving an adventurous getaway. I envisioned myself exploring the planet's furthest reaches — perhaps trekking on a glacier in Iceland or a Patagonian expedition. I opted for the Mongolia trip despite my initial scepticism about participating in an adventure that involved driving. I lacked a passion for it and assumed it would be a prerequisite for such a road trip by car.

Fortunately, Nomadic Road’s travel itinerary didn’t demand prior 4×4 expedition experience. I was relieved to spend my first day receiving a tutorial, alongside the entire group. We were also introduced to an expedition team, which included a mechanic to address any car-related issues, a local chef, a cultural expert, and a videographer, among others.

My worst fears were assuaged, and I felt prepared to set about the adventure. I was eager to experience life in the Mongolian deserts and meet the monks of the Ongii monastery. I also couldn't wait to witness the natural landscapes I’d read so much about, including snow-covered dunes and one of the largest dinosaur fossil reserves in the world. My nomadic expedition was underway.

It was my fellow travellers who truly made my Mongolia travel experience what it was — hailing from different corners of the globe, all in pursuit of unique and unforgettable experiences. They affectionately dubbed me "The Nomad" due to my insatiable curiosity and commitment to immersing them fully in the adventure.

Whether it's bedding down in a yurt navigating rugged ravines and encountering wild horses, this journey has etched itself into my memory. I’m used to crowds, not driving through deserts and steppes without seeing another person for hours. It’s quite a way to come to terms with the vastness of the Mongolia landscape. Fellow traveller Rosemary from the UK shared:

“I think setting out each morning into really spectacular landscape, I’ve been surprised at how much the landscape changes between the different areas and the different days.”

Sums up Katie, who flew in from the US:

“It’s beautiful, I wasn’t expecting it to be this vast but then you come across these pockets of people who are incredibly friendly and warm and funny and silly, and you just realise that there’s this whole country with all this history and all of these different things to offer and I just didn’t know about it.”

When asked what her favourite memory of  the entire trip was, she said,

“At the top of the sand dunes, cracking open a beer with this group of people that I only met five days ago, and its beautiful, the sun is setting, we’ve got music playing and it just feels like that’s what a vacation should be.”

As for me, the Mongolia trip was just the start. I'll be sharing more from my other adventures around the world: driving through the jungles of Borneo, across Lake Baikal’s frozen surface, and through Patagonia’s vast landscapes. Each trip has been personally enriching. But taken together, they’ve allowed me to see the world in unexpected ways, alongside a group of fellow travellers as curious as I am.

Organised by one of the best adventure travel companies, the team possesses the knowledge and skill to make even these remote corners feel comfortable and familiar. It’s no wonder that I’ve embraced my new name — The Nomad. I look forward to sharing more about my experiences… from every rattle of my 4x4 to the sights, people, and landscapes that have been indelibly etched into my mind.