Being a Nomad

June 1, 2017
by Venky
from our past expeditions

You are about unique experiences, they would say, and Nomads move from one place to another constantly! Then, of course, they would add – mostly joking – that “He’s doing it just to be a Nomad himself.” (We’ll not comment on my wife’s expression upon hearing such things.)

And then there were the people who thought it was a particularly apt name, since we were about moving around a lot… and on the road. So Nomadic Road is perfectly obvious and fitting.

Guess what! They are all right.


Still, it constantly bothered me that no one could come up with the real thought behind “Nomadic,” and this prompted me to put it all down.

We all associate a nomadic life with movement and forget about the changes and the experiences that going from place to place brings about.

A nomad’s life is about experiences, exploring, changing social equations, and adapting to new locale. This is the kind of life that all humans had before they became grounded (which is a topic that’s open for endless debate, so we’ll skip it for now).

In all my travels, I never met a brooding nomad. Maybe they put on a smile when they saw me, or they were genuinely smiling since, believe me, you can’t really fake a smile for long.

This got me thinking and chatting with them, and soon I came to understand that change needs to be embraced. It needs to be sought after, even if it’s just a short break from the ordinary.

The Endless Possibilities of the Road

The sense of freedom that comes from being on the road and on your own opens our minds to endless possibilities. It is these on-road and off-road interactions that create a tribe, a group to belong to. Seeing vast expanses of beautiful locations, endless landscapes that tell you: it’s real and you are here.

It’s on the road where one transforms into a well-travelled being with stories to tell. There’s an awakening to the world beyond your own. It’s nothing spiritual, it’s more about exploring, enjoying, and breaking away from the everyday.

Can a simple travel expedition with vehicles driving and a global team actually do all that?

I’d like to believe that, yes, it can.

A vehicle and country is what we tend to focus on upfront, and rightly so. At Nomadic Road, we pick the best and the most unique places off the beaten trail.

But it’s not just the road that creates these possibilities. We never want to forget about the people. Humans form a part of our everyday life, and that’s what makes Nomadic Road different.

Experiencing the Moment

Nomads make a happy success out of their travels because in spite of having their own tribe they don’t shy away from interacting with locals wherever they go.

We are also about the people that you will meet on your journey and the local traditions that you will experience. It is their language, their traditions, their cuisine that will form an integral part of the expedition experiences.

I truly believe that I’m not just well-travelled, but a more learned person today thanks to my experiences with the lifestyles of the locals in Mongolia, the ranches of Patagonia, and the villages of Laos. And my personal best is leading the first ever motoring expedition to the north face of Mt.Everest base-camp.

But how many of those moments do most of us have?

The lifestyle of a Nomad is generally an endless stream of constant change that brings you from one experience to the next, enriching your life, making you feel alive.

Is it really this easy?

No. Of course not. When has it been easy for any of us to take a break?

Breaking away to experience another country, driving through mountains, plateaus, in unknown locations… it’s never an easy job. Some of the terrain out there is not for the faint heart either. Imagine driving on the “deadliest road.” Scary as it may sound, it’s an unparalleled experience that you’re unlikely to forget throughout your lifetime.

“I owe my entrepreneurship to my expeditions.”

Go ahead. Create your own story.

Honestly speaking, Nomadic Road would have never taken shape had I not taken all the expeditions that I did.

I don’t mean the places or the exclusive vehicles. I’m talking about the people – people who not only inspired me, they funded me and believed in me. (I have played cupid for some of them, too.)

I owe my entrepreneurship to my expeditions.

Being a nomad is fun. It’s about not the letting the spark in you die – the spark that once encouraged you to take risks, try something new, go for the something different, and made you question. It is, or was, there in all of us.

Rekindle the spark and turn it into a raging experience.

Be a Nomad with Nomadic Road.

Try something new. Take a risk. Do something you never thought you would do – be you.