How did we end up at the bottom of the world?

Back in 2016, when we were working on our idea of launching international motoring expeditions, we came up with destinations that was unique and had the real charm of being remote and unheard off. And most importantly far away from the conventional tourist destinations.

Though Mongolia was the destination that actually helped us carve the brand name and identity, it was Patagonia that actually gave the tagline for Nomadic Road – “For the Love of the Road”.

Every expedition of ours is chosen based on the sense of achievement you get on completing it and the bragging rights you derive on being part such expeditions. If you were part of our Tibet Expedition, the sense of achievement you get is having driven across the roof of the world; to the highest point of adventure – “Mt. Everest” (north-face) basecamp. Or with the Lake Baikal winter expedition, you will get to drive across the largest frozen fresh water lake on this planet, an experience so unique that isn’t found elsewhere on the planet. Likewise, Patagonia had bravado – “An expedition to the End of the World”. And that’s the reason, it’s part of our exclusive bucket list trips.

At the end of the world lies Patagonia, a swath of land that stretches across Chile and Argentina from Pacific to Atlantic. Imposing, craggy mountain peaks; icy blue rivers and lakes; sprawling glaciers, countless endemic flora and fauna, endless expanses of wind-whipped grasslands—the region’s landscape is nature at its most sublime and there are hardly any people living here. Few places on Earth can match Patagonia for its diversity of scenery.

Patagonia is about as close to the end of the world as you can get – just 500 miles from Antarctica.

We were so excited to plan the expedition and the logistics that will make this trip truly exhilarating. Filled with amazing experiences, every client who decides to come on board this expedition, is definitely bound to return home with great stories. Being one of the most premium expeditions in our calendar, we didn’t compromise on anything. Be it the choice of expedition vehicle or accommodation in some of the finest and unique properties. Most importantly the exceptional routes that we wanted our clients to drive through for an authentic Patagonian adventure. Each day was packed with great driving terrains, out of the world landscapes, right set of adventure activities, culinary experiences and a truly immersive understanding of the local culture and people. The perfect set of ingredients that makes every expedition of ours so special.

It took us more than a year to get every detail right before we decided to open the bookings. Forbes got really interested in what we were working on and did a special story – “Holiday like a king: High on adrenaline and style” featuring our Patagonia Expedition. This really reinforced the confidence in us and the conviction we had for Patagonia.

Our expeditions are small group journeys and we limit the number of people on every expedition to not more than 10. So, in Patagonia, we had organized 5 Jeep Wranglers for the clients on twin sharing basis and a Toyota 4Runner for our expedition management team that comprises of our Expedition Leader, Expedition Film Maker and Local Cultural Specialist.

We started to get lot of enquiries and everyone whom we spoke with was super excited about the expedition plan. And within few days, it got completely sold out. The best thing that can happen for a maiden expedition. Once we got the clients on board, there was no turning back. We had 5 months ahead of us before the expedition, so we ensured every clients travel preferences were taken care of.

Though the broad skeleton of the trip is fixed, we allow a lot of flexibly to our clients to adapt certain experiences based on their interests and preferences. Be it trip extensions before or after the expedition, food restrictions if any, choice of activities and the level of difficulty. Once we got all the information in place, we got each and every aspect of client request taken care off. And all we had do now is to just sit back and wait for the D-Day.

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