Top 10 epic 4×4 adventures to go on

October 28, 2018
by The National
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Driving a tough, reliable, versatile four-wheel-drive vehicle provides arguably the ultimate form of freedom on holiday. It helps your soul soar, getting off the beaten track in a literal, as well as metaphorical sense, leaving behind the crowds of people who now surround most of us for most of our time and having wide open spaces all to yourself. Unrestrained by airline schedules or train timetables, with a hardy 4×4 as your means of getting around, you’re at liberty to go where you want, when you want, stopping to look at what intrigues you and putting your foot down through areas that hold less appeal.

Nomadic Road was featured as one of the top 10 epic 4×4 adventures to go on, a special article in the National Lifestyle publication. Since our inception, we have clearly kept ourselves away from the conventional travel eco-system with the intention of creating an alternate lifestyle around Overland Motoring Expeditions.

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