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May 5, 2020
by Nomadic Road Team
by Nomadic Road Team

It’s different! It’s exhilarating! Is it really meant for me? Common reactions when you look at expeditions as a form of exploring and vacationing. The reactions that come post the experience are something that you may cherish forever ….. On an expedition you will be travelling far away from crowded cities, on rough roads, and sometime cruising down some of the finest tarmac roads in the world, which gives access to some of the greatest landscapes, culture and wonderful people living amongst them away from the traditionally know places. Hence an experienced expedition handler is needed to give you that kind of an access, with the right set of wheels providing the ultimate driving pleasure along with the freedom to explore.

We have shortlisted these few destinations from all over the world for your expedition experience. As you explore these locations, you will also interact with people from everywhere, so you make friends from all different backgrounds and ethnicity. If you are looking to thoroughly enjoy a location on wheels then do consider these locations.

1. Patagonia:

Constantly featured in many lists of ‘unexplored’ ‘less travelled’ regions of the earth, Patagonia region is known for its rich beauty and ease of photography. South America’s finest wines, tastiest barbecues, wildest rivers and bluest glaciers unite at the continent’s tip as the land peters out into tiny islands. Starting in Chile, the Patagonia expedition takes you through the country and ends in Argentina. Taking the route in a vehicle is one of the best ways to experience this huge area because of the innumerable landscapes you get to explore. From UNESCO biosphere reserve Torres del Paine, to its unique birds, wildlife, with animals ranging from the red Culpeo fox and the friendly guanaco to the rare puma, it has something for all. Glaciers, rich heritage, a mix of Chilean and Argentinian culture make this a wanderer’s paradise. Take your wheels to the lesser known locations and experience the region like never before!

2. Laos:

While this experience sounds more like an intermediate or expert level expedition, don’t count it out yet. Laos is a beautiful country with rich history and lesser crowds than the more travelled neighbors, Thailand and Cambodia. While it is landlocked, there are still many adventures waiting for you with varied landscapes and natural beauty. There are plenty of forests to explore, Jungle Rivers to experience, and country roads to travel in this part of the world. The unique nature of this country’s terrain makes it best explored with a set of adventurous wheels. What’s more is that you get to stop and see some cultural landmarks like ancient temples with monks. An expedition across Laos is unlike any other experience.

3. Central Asia:

Travelling through Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, is a journey full of remarkable contrasts to a region that is still largely undiscovered and unexplored. Each ‘Stan’ is quite different and are truly adventurous and uncharted. Nomadic Road organizes a very special expedition which is an overland travel across these three nations and along the way accessing places that are far away from the traditional tourist circuits.

4. Madagascar (Off-Mainland African Safari):

When the journey is as , if not more exciting than the destination; you are in Madagascar. The journey through Route No. 5 (RN5) is a different experience each day: warm-hearted locals, evergreen forests, white sand, charming coasts, endangered species, river crossings ,sheer rocks, a drive through Indian Ocean and more on the road that is termed as one of the most dangerous and treacherous roads in the world. About 80% of the flora and fauna in this “alternate world” cannot be found anywhere else on the planet. Thus, a great number of plant, insect, reptile, and fish species and all indigenous land mammal species–sixty-six in all–are unique to the island.

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