Desert to Glaciers: A Bespoke Journey with the Vintage Car Club

Nomadic Road tailored an exclusive overland adventure for members of a European Vintage Car Club. Over 20 days, we guided them through Mongolia’s Gobi desert, glaciers, and beyond.

A Tight-Knit Crew of 10
20 Days of Extreme Adventure
4,500 Kilometers
Land (Overlanding)
Conquered Predominantly Dirt Tracks
May 2022

Philip approached Nomadic Road with a desire to surf both the Atlantic and Indian Oceans before his wedding, seeking a bespoke expedition. What started as a simple wish evolved into a 22-day overland expedition across four Southern African countries. Along the way, Philip conquered rugged dirt trails in his trusty 4x4, encountered African big cats, explored the world's oldest desert on foot, traversed savannahs, forests, and salt pans on four wheels, and of course, surfed to his heart's content.

Explorers’ Profile

Ten members of a European Vintage Car Club, aged between 50 and 70, embarked on the Mongolia travel expedition. 

Bound by their shared love for rare automobiles, each brought a unique perspective: from one member's extensive collection of Ferraris and Porsches to another's fascination with unconventional vehicle designs. Their collective passion extended beyond cars to the thrill of exploring uncharted territories.

Travellers’ Vision

Driven by their passion for cars and the open road, the group initially aimed for the Peking to Paris (P2P) rally. Despite its cancellation due to the Russia-Ukraine War, these car enthusiasts remained determined to pursue adventure.They turned to Nomadic Road, seeking a bespoke expedition. With our clients in mind, we curated a unique journey to Mongolia, distinct from any before.Their thirst for adventure spurred a 20-day overland adventure across Mongolia. It entailed conquering Mongolia’s Gobi desert, driving sturdy machines on towering dunes, walking on the country’s longest glacier, and meeting the last surviving nomadic tribes.

Tailored Adventures: Your Journey, Your Way

At Nomadic Road, we have two unique offerings: Signature expeditions, exclusive small group journeys uniting like-minded explorers from across the globe, and custom expeditions crafted for daring souls with specific desires. Whether it's traversing rugged terrain or diving into uncharted waters, we're here to transform your boldest dreams into extraordinary realities.

Planning an overland expedition is challenging, let alone customising it to fit one’s needs. Nevertheless, we rose to the occasion, ensuring that the crew's requirements and desires were met every step of the way.

Nomadic Road meticulously plans each expedition, embracing the wild unpredictability of Mother Nature. These are no ordinary holidays but bold adventures that defy the norm. By embracing risk, we unlock limitless possibilities for explorers—an audacious journey into the heart of the people, cuisine, landscapes, and wildlife of these regions. Of course, our seasoned expedition team stands ready to assist at every turn.

During this custom expedition, we faced extreme highs and lows and even lost a support team truck in Mongolia’s desert. But in organising remote overland expeditions, such challenges are par for the course. Looking back, our clients had an exceptional adventure, while our team relished arranging complex logistics.

Mongolia: The Paradox of Vastness and Abundance

Nestled between China and Russia, Mongolia is often underestimated as a vast, barren expanse in Asia's remote reaches. Yet, within this seemingly empty land lies a diverse array of landscapes, traditions, foods, and climates.While the Mongolia desert commands attention as Asia's largest, Mongolia travel also surprises with its steppes, snow-capped mountains, rivers, lakes, and glaciers. Rare wildlife thrives here, including snow leopards, Gobi bears, and wild Bactrian camels. Ancient nomadic societies still exist, offering sneak peeks into alternative ways of living.One of the biggest challenges? Condensing Mongolia's vast offerings into just 20 days.

A Taste of the Highlights

Gobi A & B

Together, Gobi A & B form the world's largest terrestrial protected region. They’re a sanctuary for species like wild ass, Gobi bears, wild Bactrian camels, and jerboas. Amidst ancient petroglyphs, rugged landscapes, and shifting dunes, vast stretches of untouched wilderness await exploration.

Altai Mountains

In stark contrast to the Gobi, snow-capped peaks, lush valleys, and pristine lakes define Mongolia's Altai ranges. Here, the captivating practice of Mongolia eagle hunting persists, and unique forms of music, dance, and art beckon intrigued travellers.

Potanin Glacier

Virtually non-existent roads lead you to Potanin, Mongolia's longest glacier. Extending over 14 kilometres, it’s known as the Roof of Mongolia. Standing at its edge is awe-inspiring; you hear the ice crackling and shifting, with deep under-ice rivers roaring in certain spots.

Experiential Encounters

Mongolia cherishes its ancient pastoral traditions, passed down since the time of Chinggis Khan. It is also home to some of the world's last nomadic societies. To immerse our cohort in this richness, we curated authentic, hands-on experiences:

Camping in Gers

Gers, traditional Mongolian dwellings, are easily disassembled and reassembled, ideal for the nomadic lifestyle. Featuring central hearths for cooking, minimalist furniture, and natural insulation, residing in these tents is unforgettable. A captivating highlight during the Mongolia travel journey, no doubt.

Encounters with Mongolia’s Eagle Hunting

Travellers met with Kazakh eagle hunters in Western Mongolia, glimpsing a unique way of life. For centuries, these hunters have relied on golden eagles for winter prey hunting. Despite supermarkets now being nearby, their lifestyle retains echoes of their heritage.

Navigating Endless Dunes & Dirt Trails

With the crew's dedication as car enthusiasts in mind, overlanding took centre stage. They journeyed across approximately 4,500 kilometres of dirt trails, venturing into Mongolia's vast and stunning dunes, some towering up to 275 meters. It's truly a sight to behold.

Fishing in the Great Lakes of Mongolia

Anticipating the crew’s desire for variety, we organised fishing experiences in Mongolia's clear blue lakes. With towering mountains in the backdrop, travellers found species like the Mongolian Grayling and Herrings.

Remote Glamping: Finding Comfort in the Wild

We love foregoing creature comforts for the raw beauty of the wilderness. However, there's an undeniable allure in returning to the embrace of hot showers, soft beds, and wholesome food after a day of adventure.We designed remote glamping experiences for our travellers. Some nights, this entailed lodging in gers, traditional Mongolian yurts. Imagine staying in tents outfitted with comfortable furnishings and modern amenities, all in the midst of nowhere. It’s truly the best of both worlds.

Travelling Companion

Our commitment to ensuring an optimal Mongolia travel experience for the crew extended to selecting reliable expedition vehicles: the Toyota Land Cruiser 100 series and the Nissan Patrol Y61 series. The Land Cruiser features an automatic transmission, while the Patrol presents a manual.These vehicles are versatile and universally loved off-road machines, and easily serviceable in remote areas. We equipped all of them with snorkels, mud tyres, and slight body lifts for improved ground clearance.


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