Two Oceans, Four Countries, 22 Days: A Journey Across Africa

Nomadic Road crafted a bespoke overland adventure for Philip, a bold surfer and explorer, spanning Namibia, Botswana, South Africa, and Mozambique.

A Solo Adventurer
22 Days of Uninterrupted Exploration
4,850 Kilometers
Land (Overlanding) and Water (Surfing)
Tackled Tarmac and Vanquished Dirt Trails
November-December 2022

Philip approached Nomadic Road with a desire to surf both the Atlantic and Indian Oceans before his wedding, seeking a bespoke expedition. What started as a simple wish evolved into a 22-day overland expedition across four Southern African countries. Along the way, Philip conquered rugged dirt trails in his trusty 4x4, encountered African big cats, explored the world's oldest desert on foot, traversed savannahs, forests, and salt pans on four wheels, and of course, surfed to his heart's content.

Traveller’s Vision

Philip, a 29-year-old lawyer and avid surfer from California, was eager for an unforgettable adventure. Living in Guam and preparing for marriage, he longed for one final solo journey before tying the knot. His wish was to surf the Atlantic coast, explore inland, and end with surfing the Indian Ocean.

Philip's simple wish turned into a 22-day overland adventure across four Southern African countries with Nomadic Road. From conquering rugged trails in his 4x4 to encountering African big cats and surfing along the coast, it was a journey etched deeply in his heart, fueled by passion.

Tailored Adventures: Your Journey, Your Way

At Nomadic Road, we have two unique offerings: Signature expeditions, exclusive small group journeys uniting like-minded explorers from across the globe, and custom expeditions crafted for daring souls with specific desires. Whether it's traversing rugged terrain or diving into uncharted waters, like Philip’s adventure, we're here to transform your boldest dreams into extraordinary realities.

Planning an overland expedition is challenging, let alone a solo journey. But we stepped up to the challenge, ensuring Philip’s self-sufficiency and independence throughout.Nomadic Road meticulously plans each expedition, embracing the wild unpredictability of Mother Nature. These are no ordinary holidays but bold adventures that defy the norm. By embracing risk, we unlock limitless possibilities for travellers—an audacious journey into the heart of the people, cuisine, landscapes, and wildlife of these regions. Of course, our seasoned expedition team stands ready to assist at every turn.

But in Philip’s case, attention to detail was paramount, as there would be no support staff, guides, or mechanics. We carefully mapped out logistics such as fuel stops, grocery provisions, and intriguing stops along the way. Valuing freedom above all, we offered Philip multiple route options, empowering him to tailor his expedition to his preferences.

Southern Africa: The Land of Diversity

In the heart of Southern Africa, Philip embarked on a 22-day journey across four countries. With the Tropic of Capricorn slicing through the region, diversity reigns supreme, resulting in a dizzying array of ecosystems, weather patterns, and natural wonders.

Here, one can visit the world’s oldest desert, encounter some of the oldest indigenous peoples, marvel at vast expanses of dunes and salt pans, come face to face with African big cats, and surf and swim in crystal-clear waters.

One of the biggest challenges? Deciding what to include to ensure Philip truly experienced the essence of the region.

A Taste of the Highlights

Sossusvlei & Deadvlei

An iconic landscape where ancient, skeletal camelthorn trees, nearly 1,000 years old, stand stark against a backdrop of white clay pans and tangerine-coloured dunes, under a vivid blue sky. It’s eerie yet captivating.

Etosha National Park

Africa's unique gem, featuring a vast salt pan that’s even visible from space. Despite its arid landscape, the park teems with some of the most common and rarest wildlife species—think elephants, the elusive black rhino, stealthy leopards, cheetahs, lions, and prolific birds.

Okavango Delta

A fairytale landscape of lagoons, dense forests, and vast savannahs, home to superb wildlife and over 400 bird species. Here, safaris are uniquely experienced by water or on foot, making intimate encounters with wildlife a reality.

Makgadikgadi Salt Pans

A mesmerizing expanse of shimmering salt, stretching as far as the eye can see. The salt pans are remnants of the ancient Lake Makgadikgadi, once larger than Switzerland, and now, a testament to the passage of time. Amidst its vast expanse, a resilient ecosystem thrives, defying the harsh conditions of isolation.

Experiential Encounters

Southern Africa sparks curiosity, inviting travellers to ponder the countless ways of living and being that exist in the world. To immerse Philip in this richness, we curated firsthand, immersive experiences:

Encounters with the San Bushmen

Philip had the chance to meet with the San tribes, and get a glimpse into their intrepid life, steeped in hunting, ancient wisdom, and traditions. As descendants of Southern Africa's oldest inhabitants, the San peoples embody one of the Earth's most ancient cultures.

Traversing the Okavango Delta by Mokoro

This is a must-do in the Okavango Delta, where you're silently poled through shallow waterways in a traditional canoe, surrounded by breathtaking wildlife like elephants, hippos, crocodiles, and fish eagles. A captivating highlight for Philip, no doubt.

Exploring Namibia's Deserts on Foot

Anticipating Philip's desire for variety, we encouraged him to venture beyond the confines of his vehicle and explore the ancient sands of Namib, the world's oldest desert, on foot.

Of Nature Nooks and Cosy Lodges

We relish the opportunity to rough it out, foregoing creature comforts for the raw beauty of the wilderness. However, there's an undeniable allure in returning to the embrace of hot showers, swimming pools, and wholesome food after a day of adventure.Philip embraced this sentiment wholeheartedly. Therefore, our recommended accommodation struck a balance between rugged wilderness camping and the cosy indulgence of lodges—a harmonious blend offering the best of both worlds.

Travelling Companion

Our commitment to Philip's comfort and convenience extended to the selection of a reliable expedition vehicle. Acknowledging his preference for automatic transmission, we provided a Toyota Hilux equipped with all the essentials, including roof-top tents and a functional kitchen.

What philip had to say

“Venky and Nomadic Road turn dreams and ideas into realities. What started as a dream to cross Africa in a 4x4, became a reality as Venky dealt with the practicalities so that I could enjoy the adventure. The work up front, and the peace of mind of having someone to back you up, made this trip the best of my life. I think about it every day.” 
-Philip. T

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