Where next?

It’s different! It’s exhilarating! Is it really meant for me? Common reactions when you look at…

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Where to Summer in 2019

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Historic drive across ‘The Roof of the World’

Life is all about living your dreams. On 30th May 2018 completed a driving expedition from Lhasa,…

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Experience of a lifetime – Iceland

After celebrating Christmas and New year, it was time to start preparations for the Iceland…

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Drive through untouched Laos

Travelling gives us a lot of great memories that we can always look back on. Getting out of our…

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What are Motoring Expeditions?

Years ago, I read amazing stories about people driving across the globe, from London to Bangkok or…

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Being a Nomad

You are about unique experiences, they would say, and Nomads move from one place to another…

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